Star-CCM+ is a computation continuum mechanics application which can handle problems relating to fluid flow, heat transfer and stress.

Star-CCM+ was designed as a client-server application where the client is usually a graphical user interface (GUI) and the server performs the work of solving the model problem. The client-server architecture of Star-CCM+ allows the client to be located on a local computer while the server can be running on a remote HPC cluster. The GUI client can render graphics rapidly on the user’s local computer or dedicated visualisation resource, while the server, which could be located either on a powerful local workstation or on a remote HPC cluster, does the bulk of the computational work.


Star-CCM+ is a licensed application. To use it you will need to provide evidence that you have appropriate access by contacting .

Running on Blue Wonder Invicta and Napier and ScafellPike

The basic executable is invoked via a script similar to: /gpfs/packages/gcc/cd-adapco/STAR-CCM+9.02.007-R8/star/bin/starccm+

You will need something like the following to start a job without a GUI. This script is for Invicta, for Napier you can use "ptile=24" and for ScafellPike use "ptile=32".

You can change the -mpi options for different flavours of MPI.

Further Info

For getting started, please refer to the manuals in /gpfs/packages/gcc/cd-adapco/STAR-CCM+9.02.007-R8/doc .