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Frequently Answered Questions

Last modified: 2/3/2016

Here are a selection of questions we have received, but please feel free to submit any additional queries you may have to hartree@stfc.ac.uk . Also, we'd love to hear about any tips and tricks you've discovered that could help people on our systems, so please send those in too.

What Services does the Hartree Centre offer?

We offer five services:

  • HPC On-Demand
  • Optimisation and Applications
  • New software development
  • Academic collaboration
  • Training and education

How do I get access to Hartree Centre Services?

Please visit external link: http://www.stfc.ac.uk/hartree where you will find all the relevant information.

What is the Phone Number for the Hartree Centre Help Desk?

01925 603444

What is the e-Mail Address for the Hartree Centre Help Desk?


What is the URL for the Hartree Centre on-line SAFE user management?

external link: https://um.hartree.stfc.ac.uk

What is the URL for the Hartree Centre Service Desk system?

external link: https://stfc.service-now.com

Where can I find the Hartree Centre User Guide?

external link: http://community.hartree.stfc.ac.uk/wiki/site/admin/home.html

Where is the Document Repository

A list of documents for public access is available here:

external link: http://community.hartree.stfc.ac.uk/access/content/group/admin/

Other documents are available to registered project members via the collaboration portal.

Can I visit the Hartree Centre?

You will need to inform the help desk staff to arrange a visit. Use the hartree@stfc.ac.uk email to contact us initially. You can find us at:

The Hartree Centre, Daresbury Laboratory, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Warrington WA4 4AD, UK

What Courses and Events are we running?

See external link: http://community.hartree.stfc.ac.uk/portal/site/!gateway/page/f2f2ffb9-6351-49e9-84d7-3717cde61ba7

See also STFC Events page at: external link: https://eventbooking.stfc.ac.uk/news-events/

Where can I get News of Hartree Centre and related Activities?

See the Hartree Twitter account at external link: https://twitter.com/HartreeCentre

The MOTD and Current System Status is here: external link: http://community.hartree.stfc.ac.uk/wiki/site/admin/status.html

How do I copy my files onto Hartree Centre systems?

You will need to use ssh with port forwarding enabled. See the "Access" page external link: http://community.hartree.stfc.ac.uk/wiki/site/admin/access.html

How should I acknowledge use of Hartree Centre resources.

Please use the following paragraph in your reports and publications.

"We acknowledge use of Hartree Centre resources in this work. The STFC Hartree Centre is a research collaboratory in association with IBM providing High Performance Computing platforms funded by the UK's investment in e-Infrastructure. The Centre aims to develop and demonstrate next generation software, optimised to take advantage of the move towards exa-scale computing."

I've uploaded my SSH key to the SAFE system - why isn't it working?

Assigning your SSH key to your user id is a manual stage which our systems team has to perform, so it takes a little time to set up. You will receive an email once your SSH key has been assigned correctly.

I've forgotten my SAFE web password - how do I reset it?

To request a new password go to external link: https://um.hartree.stfc.ac.uk/ and click the 'Email' button.

I've forgotten my machine login password - how do I find out what it is?

Log on to SAFE (external link: https://um.hartree.stfc.ac.uk/hartree) and click the ‘View’ button on the right of your username under ‘Your User Accounts’. Click ‘View Password’ and enter your web (SAFE login) password then click on ‘View’.

What are the Hartree Phases?

The Hartree Phases reflect the funding and goals of the Centre.

  • Phase-I - initial production phase from 2012, high performance computing and "democratisation".
  • Phase-II - second production phase from 2014, HPC, democratisation and big data analytics.
  • Phase-III - third phase from 2016, research into Big Data and Cognitive Computing in collaboration with IBM.

Why do we use such strange names for our systems?

The names are from old British automobile manufacturing companies and reflect the first letter of the system's desciption.

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