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All questions, comments, or requests should be addressed to the Hartree Centre Service Desk. Service Desk staff will ensure that your enquiry is directed to the appropriate expert for proper resolution, and will provide you with feedback. Please note that some technical or policy issues may not be able to be answered immediately. However, if an enquiry cannot be addressed within a reasonable amount of time, a staff member of the Hartree Centre will contact you to advise on the status of your enquiry and make suggestions.

Enquiries to the help desk are logged via our ServiceNow ticketing system. This enables us to carry out periodic analysis to check for missing areas of competence and support at the Hartree Centre. In this way we can evolve a flexible service to meet growing needs, be it through enhanced staff skills or resource offerings.

When requesting support, please include the following information if available and relevant:

  1. Your name and contact details (email and telephone number)
  2. Your UserID (e.g. abc08-xyz02)
  3. The name of the HPC platform at HC on which you are experiencing the problem, e.g. Bantam (Blue Gene/Q), Iden (iDataPlex - Wonder Phase 2), disk storage, tape storage, etc.
  4. The software and environment you are using (compiler, libraries, applications, modules loaded etc?)
  5. A clear and concise description of the problem. Please include your job id and any system or compiler error messages you have seen.
  6. Please supply error and output files (if available) and the command line used.

Hartree Centre Service Desk staff can be contacted via the Help Desk using the following methods.

Telephone: If you want a friendly voice to talk to, we can be contacted by phone on +44 (0)1925 603444 .

eMail: We will respond to emails sent to the Help Desk via hartree@stfc.ac.uk .

SAFE system for Project management such as joining projects or passwords: Go to external link: https://um.hartree.stfc.ac.uk to log in. For passwords, click the ‘View’ button on the right of your username under ‘Your login Accounts’. Click ‘View Login Account Password’ and enter your web (SAFE login) password then click on ‘View’. To join a Project, click on ‘Request Join Project’ and from the dropdown list choose the appropriate Project and enter the Project signup password obtained from the PI.

ServiceNow system for queries. Logon to ServiceNow at external link: https://stfc.service-now.com/. From here you can you can 'Get Help', and 'Create Incident' and 'Check Status of your open issues and requests. Tickets will be handled by the User Support staff along with all other enquiries. You may find that tickets have been created or updated for you and you will be able to monitor them using this interface.

By mail or by visiting:

The Hartree Centre,
Daresbury Laboratory,
Sci-Tech Daresbury,
Warrington WA4 4AD, UK

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